Winter Weather Claims Resources


Winter Weather Damage

We would like to take this time to remind our clients we have a dedicated phone number for those who are suffering from any weather related damages. For situations where a Gallagher WGA client has frozen pipes or snow damage, call Servpro DRSPlease call the Gallagher WGA ServPro Emergency Line at 844.320.4499 for immediate assistance. Here is a guideline of how your loss will be processed by Servpro DRS:

  • The call will be answered by our private call service as a recorded call.
  • The service will record name, business name, address and phone number.
  • The service will connect with Servpro DRS contacts and provide the call information.
  • Your call will be returned in 30 minutes to determine the nature of the loss and schedule the service needed.

General Claims Information and Resources

Gallagher WGA Claims Consultants are available to provide claims assistance in the event of a winter weather-related loss affecting your home or business, and to give you information on winter storm recovery efforts. Immediate action can be taken to help prepare you for an insurance claim, and it is imperative that you take the following steps prior to the storm and during the claims process:

  • Take pictures – Take thorough pictures of your property, inventory, roof, and all building renovations.
  • Back-up business critical information – Your database and records are key to your business. Make full copies and keep the copies off-site. These records are essential to documenting your claim.
  • Have a response team in place –  Develop a Snow Loading Emergency Response Team to ensure snow level monitoring and removal procedures are in place.  It’s also a good idea to put a claim management team together prior to the loss. Only an individual who is knowledgeable in insurance should handle interactions with your carrier.
  • Protect your property from further damage – It’s your responsibility to perform emergency work such as putting up tarps, pulling wet drywall and carpet to prevent mold, and boarding up openings and protective fencing to protect your belongings and keep others from getting hurt.
  • Document the damage and all your post-loss activity – Take post loss pictures or video and retain all receipts of all actions.

Time is often an issue with the claims process, therefore we encourage you to contact us sooner rather than later. Feel free to contact your WGA Claims Consultant with any questions that you may have:

Ann Mizner McKay, Esq.
Senior Vice President/General Counsel, Claims
Servpro Hotline: 844.320.4499
Direct: 617.646.0238
Cell: 617.515.9135

For more information on personal lines claims for your home and auto, please contact Gallagher WGA’s Private Client Group or click here for contact information.

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