June 1st marked the beginning of the traditional hurricane season and runs through November 30th. Hurricanes can cause significant damage from heavy rain, and dangerous winds. Recent advances in weather forecasting allow us greater opportunities to be prepared in the event of a storm. So we take this opportunity to remind WGA clients that we are available to provide claims assistance in the event of a loss or catastrophic event affecting your home or business, and that immediate action can be taken to help prepare you for the insurance claims process.

It is imperative that you take the following steps prior to the storm and during the claims process:

  • Take pictures – Take thorough pictures of your property, inventory, roof, and all building renovations.
  • Back-up business critical information – Your database and records are key to your business. Make full copies and keep the copies off-site. These records are essential to documenting your claim.
  • Have a response team in place – Put a claim management team together prior to the loss. Only an individual who is knowledgeable in insurance should handle interactions with your carrier.
  • Protect your property from further damage – It’s your responsibility to perform emergency work such as putting up tarps, pulling wet drywall and carpet to prevent mold, and boarding up openings and protective fencing to protect your belongings and keep others from getting hurt.
  • Document the damage and all your post-loss activity – Take post loss pictures or video and retain all receipts of all actions.

Feel free to contact your WGA Claims Consultant with any questions that you may have. Time is often an issue with the claims process, therefore we encourage you to contact us sooner rather than later.

Any further claims questions, please feel free to contact:

Ann Miner McKay, Esq.
Senior Vice President/General Counsel, Claims