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WGA has the expertise to manage your international risk management solutions. We have an experienced team and a network of knowledgeable global partners to coordinate your program. Multinational corporations face unique and complex challenges. Operating outside of the U.S. dramatically changes your company’s profile of risk, some areas of consideration include:

Worldwide Transit

A Worldwide Transit Program can be structured to address Ocean Cargo or International Air Shipments as well as Domestic and Foreign Inland Exposures. This type of program can also include Installation, Exhibition, Demonstration and Warehouse/Location Coverage.

Political Risk

A Political Risk Program is designed for companies doing business or conducting operations in foreign countries. Insurance addresses the business exposures of loss as a result of government action either foreign or domestic. Types of exposures that can be covered under political risk include: confiscation, expropriation, deprivation, nationalization, political violence, currency inconvertibility, and contract frustration.

Controlled Master Program

A Controlled Master Program is structured so your company maintains it’s overseas placements with the same Insurance Carrier that underwrites their Master Insurance Program. This approach eliminates duplication of coverage as well as gaps of coverage. In addition, your company has access to a worldwide network, which makes the claims handling process much more efficient.

Exporter Package

An Exporters Package is structured to provide your firm with a broad array of coverage including Property, General Liability, Auto Liability and Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation. In addition, these programs can be underwritten with insurance companies that can offer a Global Network of services including Loss Prevention and Claims Handling.

Employee Related Risks

In addition to Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation Insurance, coverage is available for Travel Accident Insurance. The features afforded by this coverage include Family Coverage, Bomb Scare and Hijacking/Skyjacking extensions. In addition, Excess Medical Expense includes loss by sickness. The protection is 24-hour during temporary business travel. See our International Benefits Page for more information.

Local Intelligence

WGA assists with local intelligence on each country of operation, with outlines of possible hazards you could face in your business dealings

Hosting Internal Seminars

WGA assists in educating your Risk Management Team on the Master Controlled Program

Loss Prevention services coordinated worldwide

Premium Allocation for Foreign Subsidiaries

WGA assists with currency issues, including invoices created in local offices in local currency, to help your company avoid taxation problems

Kidnap/Ransom or Extortion Risks

Kidnap/Ransom insurance is designed to protect your employees when they travel for business purposes. This insurance helps protect the company’s financial assets from the threat of ransom demands. It may also provide you with access to a valuable related service – security consultants from one of the world’s preeminent security firms to assist in negotiating an employee’s safe return.

Riskclick Web Service Software

Riskclick Web Service Software to help modernize global coordination of collecting exposure information – With a program called Riskclick, WGA takes a proactive approach to assist in gathering information, which assists corporate headquarters in the U.S. with the burden of collecting accurate information for renewal and new coverage placements. This technology provides a constant record of individuals who are communicating along with the specifics of each communication for auditing purposes.

Our team takes these factors into consideration to develop a multi-level approach with clear and structured objectives toward achieving each client’s goals and unique international growth strategy.

Worldwide Broker Network

Worldwide Broker Network (WBN)WGA’s approach includes full-membership standing with the Worldwide Broker Network. The WBN is the world’s largest organization of privately held insurance brokers. Partner firms are represented in 79 counties throughout Europe, North America, South and Central America, Africa, the Far East and Australia. Founded in 1989 as the Independent Broker Network, WBN has evolved into an integrated worldwide insurance services network. WBN employs over 4,000 insurance professionals, and has representation in more than 40 countries. On the basis of revenues, WBN members handle a total of $3 billion in premiums for Property and Casualty insurance. The network partners as a group would comprise the 3rd largest insurance broker in the world. Click here to learm more about WBN.

As a member of WBN, we have collectively developed a set of standards of professionalism for service to each other’s global clients ranging from client visits to claims and loss control services. To continue to improve upon these standards, owners and principals of WBN member firms meet at least twice per year all over the world to discuss issues that our client base is facing and to develop new client services.

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The strength of our approach is the ability of our network to provide a customized service delivery system to each of our clients. Through our partnership, we are all committed to delivering the highest level of service to not only our largest clients, but also to small and mid-sized firms in the countries we serve.

Whether you have a few foreign sales offices, ship your products to overseas warehouses, or have actual manufacturing facilities in foreign countries, we can assist in the overall coordination of coverage for your international risks.

For additional information about WGA Global for your Property & Casualty needs, contact Ed Flanagan at (617) 646 0275 or email him at eflanagan@WGAins.com.