Technology Enabled Service Marketplaces

In today’s fast changing world of technological advancement, the global community is more connected than ever before.  The ever-growing use of mobile app technology brings people together in new ways every day, fostering increased communication between different individuals and groups, particularly within the business community. Technology Enabled Service Marketplaces (TESM), or “peer-to-peer” marketplaces, are a direct by-product of this inter-connectivity, bridging together consumers and businesses on an online platform to buy and exchange services. TESM companies meet consumers’ demands for fast, convenient jobs by scheduling, delivering and providing direct services  in a variety of areas, including cleaning, painting, handyman, manicure, driving and deliveries.

But with convenience comes risk.  Running an emerging TESM start-up exposes your company to a host of unforeseen risks and liability matters.  From General and Professional Liability to Workers Compensation, TESM companies face unique challenges due to the number of services they offer and the type of workers they hire to perform specific jobs.

For over 30 years, WGA has been proactively working with small, venture backed companies, including start-ups firms that utilize unconventional and innovative business models. Our focus centers on helping these clients develop programs that deliver quality risk management services for specialized niche industries. We understand the complexities behind the TESM business model and leverage our expertise in the field to guide you through the legal, financial and management issues that affect running your business.  We can effectively identify and analyze the particular areas of risk your company faces during the early-growth stages. WGA’s dedicated team of experts works to negotiate the most comprehensive insurance programs in the market and secure the most competitive premiums available in the industry.

If you are looking for assistance in placing a risk management program for a technology enabled services marketplace company, please email WGA at, call us at 888-261-8884, or click here to tell us more about your specific needs.