Mergers and Acquisitions

WGA is the single source for strategic risk solutions for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Our M&A team is the most creative, experienced and knowledgeable resource for all of your exposures. No other broker or consultant has the intensity and the focus to deliver timely solutions to support the aggressive deal flow timetables of successful buyers of assets including private equity funds and investment banks.

It is often difficult for private equity funds and other buyers and sellers of businesses to assess future risks associated with a target asset. Whether it is an unknown environmental risk exposure, funding the risk of ongoing patent infringement litigation, or the portfolio transfer of under funded pension liabilities, WGA develops strategic risk solutions for buyers and sellers of companies as well as investors. Specialty products for these transactions include Representations and Warranties Insurance; Adverse Tax Opinion Insurance; Hostile Takeover Insurance; and Aborted Bid Cost Insurance. These solutions can result in overcoming obstacles to deals, quantifying unknown risks, and improving the negotiating position of our clients.

Our M&A team can help your transaction succeed; call WGA for a creative approach to risk solutions.

For additional information about our Mergers and Acquisitions Practice, please contact Reed Sussman, Esq. at our Corporate Headquarters at (617) 646-0328 or via email at