WGA has been working as a broker to manufacturing firms since our start in 1983. In that time we have developed specialized services for areas of risks affecting manufacturers including coordinating coverage for extensive global property schedules, assisting with the determination of business interruption limits, quantifying contingent business interruption exposures, providing claims management, analyzing environmental exposures, as well as providing expert advice in all areas of liability, including products liability.

Our team provides expertise in all areas of Property insurance placements, including identification of goals and program objectives, risk and loss analysis, site surveys, and recommendation compliance. With a trained engineer and attorney on staff, our team can provide sophisticated loss control and business continuity advice ranging from facility protection to workers safety. And with our wide range of experience in the area of workers’ safety, WGA can assist with your development of a safety plan, OSHA compliance guidelines, ergonomic reviews, and fleet safety.

Industrial accidents can be time consuming and complicated. WGA’s claims team acts as a liaison between our clients and the carrier, and couples a focus on minimizing loss downtime, with aggressive claims consulting on behalf of our clients; whether that is through a third-party administrator or negotiating directly with the insurance carrier.

When it comes to Workers Compensation, our team gives special attention to handling such details as loss run reviews; scheduling regular claim reviews, and overseeing special claims handling instructions and procedures. This relentless commitment to minimizing loss while resolving open claims results in an overall reduction in the cost of risk for our clients.

Our firm has the resources to develop a comprehensive risk management program for manufacturers. These resources are employed to address critical exposures and reduce our clients’ overall cost of risk. For example, environmental risks are a reality in today’s multifaceted economy. These risks threaten not only persons and property, but can also significantly impact the financial strength and balance sheet of your organization. WGA’s Environmental Practice was formed to address environmental risk management and insurance issues that confront our clients.

In addition to property and environmental loss, many manufacturers are also exposed to the significant and unusual risk of Business Interruption, at their own facility and also at the facilities of key vendors, suppliers and customers. Many also have complicated products liability risks to consider in controlling their general liability costs. WGA’s team helps to identify, quantify and evaluate even the most unique risk exposures.

No matter what kind of manufacturing risk you need to address, you will need expert advice. Choosing WGA as your broker is the best defense against the rising cost of risk.

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