Technology and Cyber Risk

Since 1983, WGA has served the needs of technology and cyber companies ranging from the latest venture-backed start-ups to publicly-traded, global companies. Today, over 500 companies in the technology field look to WGA for information and advice on risk avoidance, risk reduction and risk transfer. WGA’s experience creates an understanding of where insurers’ thresholds for risk ends and their fear of the uncertain begins. Through the efforts of WGA, some insurers are now prepared to amend their standard coverage forms to address risks that are uncommon to other buyers of insurance. WGA has also been instrumental in developing with insurers certain new forms of insurance – such as Privacy and Data Security Insurance – in order to provide its clients with risk financing alternatives where none previously existed.

WGA brings value to technology and cyber companies by expanding insurance coverage and reducing insurance costs associated with risks of this type such as ECommerce Liability, and Directors’ & Officers’ Liability (D&O). Particularly in the area of management liability, you need a broker you can trust with this vast area of risk. In a survey regarding Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, conducted by Tillinghast-Towers Perrin, WGA was ranked as the number one broker nationally to the technology industry.

Does your insurance program make provisions for the unique perils of technology industries? WGA can guide firms through the maze of coverage issues which other brokers fail to even identify.

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