Worksite Solutions

Due to the increasing need for consumer choice voluntary benefits at the worksite, WGA has added resources to implement voluntary benefits and employee funded products and services at your organization market.

From finding the right products, to performing onsite education through superior communication capabilities and selecting trusted proven carriers, WGA will assess your supplemental needs and provide a comprehensive offering for your employees. Once implemented, these products will be supported with the same superior level of service you have come to expect from WGA.

Consider the advantages of Voluntary Benefits:

  • Funding Flexibility – Voluntary benefits provide coverage at little or no impact to your bottom line, while increasing employee satisfaction.
  • Benefit Choices – Employees select plans to fit their personal needs. With current demographic trends, product choice is necessary to ensure adequate coverage for all employees.
  • Enrollment Support – WGA will organize and conduct the enrollment process.

WGA recognizes the increasing need for voluntary benefits and is committed to maximizing the value of the offering. The employee will get the information needed to make an educated buying decision and the employer will experience higher workplace satisfaction from their employees through the professional enrollment and communication process.

For additional information about our Worksite Solutions Practice, please contact Chris Nadeau via email at