Wellness – Engage in Health

In recent years, employers have increasingly introduced “wellness” programs to their benefits for a variety of reasons, but primarily to address rising health insurance costs. Numerous studies have shown a direct link between avoidable, preventable risks such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and smoking and higher health care costs and lost days. The concept of wellness, however, is very broad and can cover a wide range of services with a corresponding wide range of costs.

engageinhealthsmallwebAt WGA, we view wellness under the more comprehensive concept of what we call “Engage in Health” which includes plans that get your population healthier to not only address health insurance costs, but productivity, sick leave, FMLA, short-term disability and overall job satisfaction, among other benefits.

In addition, because of our property and casualty experience, we leverage our internal workers compensation expertise to also take those costs into consideration. We address more issues because a healthy population can help with more than just health insurance costs. We address every possible lever that you could turn to change behavior:

  • benefit plans,
  • employee contributions,
  • specific programs,
  • communications,
  • leadership support,
  • employee committees,
  • incentives (and penalties)
  • and how to change a company’s culture.

Our team works with clients using proven methods to understand their current situation by reviewing claims, discussing their culture and understanding any barriers that may exist. We then develop a long-term strategy and business plan to meet their needs, frequently with tight budgets. Each client’s strategy is unique to them. We work with existing vendors or contract with an organization that specializes in population health improvement to provide the services that will have the greatest impact with the available budget. We are then part of a team dedicated to the long-term goal of a healthier population.

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Healthiest Employer 

The WGA team has twice been named a “Healthiest Employer” finalist by the Boston Business Journal over the past two years.  These annual awards honor the most outstanding health and wellness programs. For the most recent 2014 awards, WGA placed 5th out of 10 finalists for the work on new initiatives over the past year driven by the Engage in Health team.

Our employees recognize the direct correlation between healthy lifestyle habits and managing preventable health risks, and we’ve continued to build upon our Engage in Health philosophy through new initiatives and incentives that encourage wellness here at WGA and at our clients’ workplaces,” said Phil Edmundson, Chairman and CEO at WGA.

WGA’s Annual Healthcare and Wellness Market Survey

WGA has conducted a Healthcare and Wellness Market Survey over the past couples years focused on corporate wellness and strategies that are addressing the rising health care costs. The survey results offer insight into the practices and plans of middle market employers ranging in size from 50 to 5,000 employees. The findings show that more companies are considering the importance of these initiatives and see the benefits of investment into the health of their employees.

2013 WGA Health & Wellness Survey
WGA Releases Results of 2013 Health & Corporate Wellness Survey
2012 WGA Health & Wellness Survey
2011 WGA Health & Wellness Survey

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