Retiree Solutions

WGA recognizes that the need for employee benefits consulting extends further than your active employee base. It is estimated that the US will see 4 to 5 million new retirees each year for the next 15 to 20 years. To accommodate this ever growing number of retirees, employers are adapting and WGA is providing the expertise to do so.

Employee retiree programs have grown through the years to expand past simple group retiree medical plans. The retiree health consulting services that WGA offers to employers can help your employees make a smooth transition from the active workforce to retirement. Our team provides a wide range of services to help educate your employees and staff, to implement and/ or consult on existing programs and provide one-on-one guidance to retirees on their options. Below is a list of our consulting services:

  • In depth education for employees and HR staff on Medicare and retiree health options (seminars/ webinars/ etc.)
  • Basic education for employees and HR staff on Social Security
  • Strategize on group retiree plans
    • Plan design/ tax implications – Employer liability plans vs. 0% employer liability plans
    • Market and implement new plans
  • Review current retiree policies/ assist with reducing employer liability
  • Create informational pieces on Medicare and Social Security
  • Create FAQs tailored for clients’ policies
  • Provide one on one consulting for retirees on “gap” coverage; Advantage and Supplement Plans
  • Individual Part D Plan analysis
  • Group Part D notification and filing guidance

Click here to read WGA’s 2015 Medicare FAQ guide.

For additional information about our Retiree Solutions Practice or other insurance needs, please email WGA at, call us at 888-261-8884, or click here to tell us more about your specific needs.