Group Benefits Brokerage

WGA works as an advocate for our clients. We operate as an extension of your human resources department in conjunction with many outside vendors, insurance providers or other advisors. In an effort to be clear about our services, we consider the following a list of the deliverables for our consulting and brokerage clients:

Establish New Employee Benefit Programs

  • Establish Program Goals
  • Prepare Benchmark Reviews
  • Establish Plan Designs
  • Develop Long Range Plans & Objectives
  • Evaluate Alternate Plan Design Options

Competitive Bidding

  • Draft Bid Specifications
  • Analyze Bid Responses
  • Evaluate Alternate Funding Options
  • Perform a TPA Survey
  • Perform a Network Accessibility Match
  • Perform a Financial Analysis


  • Review all Documents and Contracts
  • Conduct an Implementation Meeting of Benefit Changes
  • Coordinate Booklets and ID Cards

Employee Communications

  • Develop Strategies (including Electronic Option)
  • Conduct Open Enrollment Meetings
  • Design Announcement Letters and Benefit Outline Summaries

Legislative Awareness and Updates

  • Provide Updates on Pending Legislative Issues
  • Obtain Schedule A Information From Vendors
  • IInform of all Federal and Governmental Filing Requirements (SPD,SAR, 5500)
  • Advise on Federal Regulations (HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA, etc.)
  • Provide a non-legal ERISA Audit on all Health and Welfare and Section 125 plans

Program Management

  • Provide Day-to-Day Management Service and Act as an Additional Resource
  • Evaluate & Recommend Future Options (Vision, LTC, Voluntary coverage’s)
  • Provide a BI- monthly Newsletters with Current Benefits Topic Updates
  • Coordinate Section 125 (Flexible Benefit) Options
  • Act as a Liaison Between the Client and Vendors or Insurance Providers
  • Negotiate Renewal Rates with Vendors
  • Review Corporate Benefits Objectives Annually

For additional information about our Group Benefits Brokerage Practice or other insurance needs, please email WGA at call us at 888-261-8884, or click here to tell us more about your specific needs