401(k) Placement and Planning

WGA’s 401(k) services are designed to assist our clients by providing expertise in all areas of designing and putting into place a retirement program. WGA begins this process with a thorough vendor search, soliciting proposals and evaluating each option. We then coordinate with providers to present their programs to the client in more detail. WGA’s expertise helps assist the client through the plan implementation by guiding the plan design to meet the needs of the individual client while establishing a fund offering that covers all appropriate asset classes and helps to ensure diversification. Our team works with clients to document a formal investment policy statement, and our hands-on approach incorporates coordination of plan enrollment meetings and guidance during the initial transition and conversion periods.

WGA remains an advocate for the client when interacting with plan providers including assisting in problem resolution, should any problems arise. Our commitment to service does not end once the plan is in place. We provide communication assistance to our clients to help promote the plan benefits and increase employee participation. In addition, one of the most important responsibilities of a broker is to keep clients informed of legislative changes and industry trends, not to mention ensuring that an effective compliant 401(k) plan is in place. WGA assists clients in conducting a yearly evaluation of their existing plan, to confirm that they are providing valuable and competitive benefits for their employees. In addition our firm offers informative publications, newsletters, and seminars to keep our clients up-to-date on recent developments.

The value that WGA can bring to 401(k) is further enhanced through our relationships with top ERISA and compliance specialists who provide us with legal advice. Whether our clients’ needs are day-to-day support with problem resolution, or support through the complexities of Mergers and Acquisitions, WGA is committed to the highest level of service at every level. Call your Account Executive for more details on how your company can benefit from WGA’s 401(k) Planning and Placement services.

For additional information about our 401(k) Placement and Planning Practice or other insurance needs, please email WGA at info@WGAins.com, call us at 888-261-8884, or click here to tell us more about your specific needs.