WGA Employee Benefits joins forces with leading regional independent firms to form Collaboration Centric Solutions C2



Leading employee benefit consulting firms joined forces and formed Collaboration Centric Solutions (C2). C2 is a joint venture founded by: Kistler Tiffany Benefits, McGohan Brabender, MHBT Inc., The Partners Group and William Gallagher Associates.

Member firms joined forces for one sole purpose: strategic collaboration with carriers, vendors and members to create innovative product and service offerings while delivering greater quality and value to clients. C2 firms are now able to offer the widest variety of products and services to their valued clients.

With over 20 strategically-located offices throughout the country, this joint venture transforms regionally independent firms to the 5th largest privately-held employee benefits firm in the nation.
The member firms come together to form an uncommonly powerful employee benefit consulting firm. While the majority of the marketplace is served by big box national firms with little ability for unique products and services, C2 member firms will stay true to their roots and become a stronger independent firm, with global reach and local touch, in order to meet the increasing needs of their growing client base.

“Independent firms need to be cutting edge and willing to innovate in order to grow, and WGA embraces that model. WGA’s Employee Benefits leadership team has been working closely with our C2 partners to develop and bring some of the most effective approaches to health care cost savings to our markets. It’s different than anything we have seen. These firms are all clear leaders in their regions and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.” Christopher Nadeau, Principal, William Gallagher Associates.

Collaboration Centric Solutions (C2) is a national company formed by leading independent employee benefit consulting firms for strategic collaboration with carriers, vendors and members to create innovative product offerings while delivery greater quality and value to clients. C2 is the nation’s 5th largest privately-held firm.

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